Meet Lior

In May 2019 I was a recent college graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelors of Science in mechanical engineering, fresh in the job market and on a path to average. 

I wanted to get a decent paying job as a mechanical engineer working to aftermarket truck accessory shops. I dreamt of working on trucks and building new suspension parts for the industry. 

At the time I was struggling with landing a job, my interviewing skills weren’t good enough to land a job. That meant I would need to grind for a few more months and settle for any job I can get. 

That made me feel like I was on a path to failure and that the struggles my parents made to send me to Carnegie Mellon University was all for waste. 

Then I lost the opportunity for my dream job and felt like giving up. 

Than, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

Then I connected with my buddy Kumar, who I had worked with for the past year on numerous projects in school. We both complained about how difficult the job market was and how we couldn’t land the jobs we actually wanted. 

Then we started talking about the idea of starting our own company, in the land of the free and live out the American Dream and everything changed. 

I was able to see a bigger picture for myself and my desires 10Xed themselves. 

I quickly realized my potential was 10 fold what I first envisioned and nothing was going to stop me in chasing and achieving them!

So we decided to cofound a company so we could tap into the agriculture technology revolution. Our company was born in Pittsburgh, PA under the name Envonics, LLC.

But there was still two problems…

We still had to deal with figuring out how exactly to operate a startup along with figuring out what we needed to build to be successful and provide value to the consumer. (More on this at

The second problem was as an Entrepreneur the shit I was doing as a college student will not work on pursuing my fullest potential, it will only hold me back. 

I immediately dove into books on entrepreneurship and startups to figure out how to get started. Mind you, during my previous 22 years I had never finished a book… 

This begun my journey on personal development, mind and body, as well the journey of building a company from scratch. 

I’ve read over 20 books since that day and I am continuing to push myself to get better in every area of my life. 

I have hired coaches to coach me on the mental aspect of high achievers and business coaches on how to build my business. 

This has allowed me to learn from others who have already put in 20+ years of hard work to get to where they are today. 

My mind is a sponge and every so often I squeeze it a little to share my thoughts and realizations with you.