What Do You Control?

I’m writing this reflecting on my football career as a high school and collegiate athlete from my most updated mindset and the teaching of the stoics.

As a football player there is really only one thing that you control. That one thing is how you show up.

You don’t control what your opponent does.

You don’t control what your teammates do.

You don’t control what your coach does.

BUT, you control what you do.

You control how you show up to every practice, training session, and game.

This is not only true in sports but in business and in life.

You don’t control what the outside world does BUT you control how you act, how you show up, and how you present yourself.

By understanding this simple concept, you can ultimately show up for success every day in every aspect of your life.

The Stoics say that if you can focus on this

You will find a fulfilling life, a happy life, an inspired life.

You will be focusing on what is in front of you, unlike most people who complain, brag, reminisce on the things they don’t control.

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